Alwin Kloekhorst


Paris (July 2009)

Me in Paris

Notre Dame

Me in Jardin du Luxembourg

Turkey and Syria (June 2009)

Weather God in Gaziantep Museum

Göbekli Tepe

Tell Ahmar 6

Aleppo Museum

Aleppo Souq

Tiles in Aleppo Mosq

Aleppo Mosque

Aleppo Mosque 2

On our way to Nemrud Dağı

Nemrud Dağı

Nemrud Dağı 2


Turkey with Nabu Naid (April 2009)

Me in Alaca Höyük

Tablet in Bogazköy Museum

The Nabu-Naid Group in Kanis/Kültepe

Me in Göreme

Salzburg (September 2008)

Me on the Eagle's Nest

Hallway to the Eagle's Nest

Church in Salzburg

Another Church in Salzburg

Berlin (September 2008)


Me and Dahlia

Çorum (August 2008)

Me, Willemijn and Han in Ortaköy

Alaca Höyük, Sphinx Gate

Relief in Alaca Höyük

Me, Willemijn and Han


Crete (August 2008)

Me and a Minoan pithos

An old mosque

Phaistos Disc

Me in the Samaria Gorge

Me again in the Samaria Gorge

The sun in Crete

Promotion (May 2007)

Me in suit

Getting my doctorate